Hi :) My names Jenna, Im 20 and I live in New Jersey/Pennsylvania depending on the day. I ride horses. I love country music, camo, concerts, mud, big trucks, nascar, animals, hunting, photography, laughing and anything along those lines :)

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Raised up in Jersey

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Hes the best kind of lover that there is, I can have him when I please, he always satisfies my needs, he takes me back no matter where I’ve been. Yeah, I fell in love with Jack Daniels again. 💋 #selfiesunday

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best friendssss on We Heart It.

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Omg I love cows so much

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2 weeks has been toooo long!! I missed my girl so much ❤️

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#MCM in honor of xtus announcement this morning and just because he’s sexy 😍😍😍 hello dierks 😜❤️

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I’m a riser, I’m a get off of the ground, don’t run and hider. Pushin comes to shove, hey I’m a fighter. When darkness comes to town, I’m a lighter, a get out aliver, of the fire, survivor. ✨

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female sloths literally scream when they want sex and can be heard up to 700 meters away


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